How it Works

Our alcohol home detox provides you with everything you need for a safe and comfortable detox.

How it works

Initial Assessment

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During your initial assessment, you will speak with one of our counsellors so they can understand your needs and assess whether you are suitable for our alcohol home detox

Medical Assessment

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The next stage involves a medical assessment with a medical professional, who will prescribe you detox medication based on your answers. This medication will then be discreetly delivered to your door

Support buddy


You assign a support buddy who will care for you during your alcohol home detox. Can be a family member, friend or carer

Begin Detox


Once you’ve received your medication, it is time to begin your alcohol home detox. We will be in contact with you and your support buddy every day to monitor your detox journey, giving our guidance and support


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When your home detox is done, we can still take care of you. We offer a range of aftercare services that will keep you strong in recovery and give you 12 months aftercare absolutely free

Additional Services

Besides our home detox, we also offer a range of other addiction treatment services

Relapse prevention program

Following your home detox, you can embark on our relapse prevention program, designed to strengthen your recovery

In Patient Rehab

If you would prefer to not to do a home detox, we can connect you with a rehab within our network.

Prices starting from


Start now

Our home detox service is safe, secure and affordable. Start recovery from as little as £1800, with 12 months aftercare

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions about our home alcohol detox service. If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please give us a call. Our team of addiction specialists are available to support you though the process.

Is home detox effective?

As long as you follow the process, you are guaranteed to be alcohol and withdrawal free by the end of the detox. Remember that this is the first step of sobriety and that you should continue work on recovery after your detox.

Will I experience withdrawal symptoms?

Our home detox service provides you with detox medication to stop the most severe symptoms. This medication keeps you safe and relatively comfortable. You should still expect to experience some mild withdrawal symptoms. These usually peak at two days before you body and mind begin returning to equilibrium.

Is home detox safe?

Home detox is just as safe as a rehab detox. The detox medication is the same medication you would receive in rehab, and we are also on standby for advice should you begin feeling unwell during your detox.

Do I need someone with me?

To go through home detox with Sobriety and Wellbeing, you must assign a support buddy who can stay with you throughout. We cannot let you do a home detox with us unless you have a support buddy.

What medication will I be prescribed?

We use sedatives such as Chlordiazepoxide; internal digestion aids, such as Metoclopramide and Naltrexone; and vital nutrient providers, including Thiamine (Vitamin B). These ensure your home alcohol detox is comfortable and safe, while also helping rejuvenate your body.

How long does alcohol home detox take?

You can usually have your medical assessment the day you contact us. Your medication will then be sent next day delivery. The length of your alcohol home detox depends on your individual needs. Contact us for more information.

Is home detox expensive?

Costs for home detox are far less than rehab centres. Please contact us for an exact quote based on your individual needs.

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