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Detox at home with our support

You don't have to do it alone. Our alcohol detox at home gives you a safe solution to alcohol withdrawal. And our detox team will provide you with support and guidance, every step of the way.

Comprehensive assessment
Our medical team will give you a thorough assessment to determine the appropriate detox plan for you.
Medication assisted treatment
We provide you with detox medication that will keep you safe and comfortable during your alcohol detox at home. We typically use chlordiazepoxide, vitamins and sleeping medication.
Community support
Choosing us gives you access to our Sobriety and Wellbeing community. Connect with your peers for extra support.
It doesn't end with your alcohol detox at home. We can continue supporting your recovery after you get sober.
Comfort and privacy
Our alcohol detox at home lets you recover in familiar surroundings, preserving your privacy and comfort.
One on one support
Your one on one counselor will guide you through the entire process, checking in with you every day.
Personalised care
Our treatment plans are tailored for your unique needs. We can provide whatever you need to make your alcohol detox at home as safe and effective as possible.
Many of our team have been through addiction and know how tough it is. This allows us to offer you compassion without judgment.

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Some words from our clients

If you need a helping hand this truly is an amazing service from start to finish, I have been with similar services but this one in my experience is second to none! Everyone we were in contact with were so kind and thoughtful, I honestly couldn’t fault them in any way!


The support from the team really helped me to get some days and weeks behind me in sobriety whilst staying in my own surroundings. Thank you team.


From start to finish of the detox process was excellent. Its nerve wracking to commit to but everyone was very encouraging without exerting pressure. Once the process started Diane supported me. She couldn’t have been kinder or more positive. She called me 4 times daily. We discussed how I was feeling but also other things reminding me there is life outside of alcohol and even reminding me I do have a sense of humour.


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